Sunday, 24 February 2013

Conflicting Mind

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Revolve a story around this line :

‘My heart was saying “Yes” but my head was saying “No”‘


I never understood why there is so much conflict or no coordination between the most beautiful part of my body and the part which makes everything beautiful. By now you might have guessed it that the parts I am talking about is above your waist line. Its the heart and the mind which always fight together and make me confused.

I am still wondering why I said “No”, when my heart was the only one saying the truth. I know the consequences is damn ugly and yet I am revolving around that day when my heart and mind were planning a deep deep conspiracy against me.

It was the day when I decided to propose Ramya and was all equipped, even with the first aid kit. The day started as I planned, waking up late and then struggling to get the bus to school which ends up again being punished in front of whole school. I was way above all these thoughts of being ashamed rather I was just looking for the best time to get it all done.

Ramya, was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Well, telling you truly, it was the love at first sight. Her irresistible charm, being brilliant to look upon and listen to, with the power to subjugate everyone, didn't spare me also. She was willowy with long dark lustrous hair. I was in love with this lady for the first time in my life and was just collecting enough energy to tell her that she is the One for me.

The beauty, the color, the voice all make me mad enough to forget everything and completely lost in a distant land without water making me thirsty of her. I was ready to go on with the plan. I called her on the stairs which remained desolated for the first half time of school. I kept practicing in the Romeo pose, bent over, on my knees and saying the golden three words. As the bell rang for the next period, she came running with the envelope in hand and was completely shocked by the awkward position I was in. I managed to get up and regained my posture, when she came close and told me the most disgusting news ever of my life.

She was holding the tickets to South Africa, where her parents are now shifting to. I was in lot of pain but that's what love makes you do “Smile in pain!!”. I was smiling with her laughs. She was leaving in 2 days and I was still clueless how to tell her. After an hour or so, when I collected myself and asked the question which I never wanted to ask “Will you come back ?” and the answer was as expected, “No”. She then justified her point, that they are leaving the town forever, and will settle in SA.

I was completely broken and wanted her to stay, but all went wrong what I planned and there's nothing I could do. In the last period, she came and asked “ Do you want to say something ?” and to my utter foolishness, I bluntly replied “No !!”. I was so disheartened that I could not make any decision and ended up with that reply.

It was the moment when I should obediently listened to my heart and ask her to don't go, but my mind dominated heart's decision, which I still regret. It would have been a very different world with her. Sometimes these gray matter in our brain make us do things which we really regret.

I lost that moment and the time that I could have spent with her. May be that's why people say,

“Patience is what it takes for a normal human being to become extraordinary”.

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