Friday, 8 February 2013

Story Untold

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The first time you told a non-family member that wonderful phrase, “I love you.” The lead up, and what happens after that.


We crave for that one beautiful face, which wins our heart, resides in it and remains there forever. It is this feeling, for which we fight with our elders, society and even cry in public. The feeling of being lonely in crowd, when your Someone is not with you. You die everyday without her and live whole life in that moment. That feeling which you never forget is called love and yes I am in love...;)

It was the starting period of school, when my physics teacher Mr.Manish entered into the class and I hurried to grab the first seat. It was that seat from where I can easily get a glimpse of my someone. The clock was ticking and I was looking outside constantly when Mr. Manish hit me with the chalk and interrupted my day dreaming there only. I was again in the classroom and started acting as if nothing happened. Thou I was caught red-handed, then too it was all basic instinct which is a very quick electrical response of our body. Her class was in the building that was just opposite to my classroom's building.

I got the glimpse in the 5th period after lunch, when I waved her “Hi” and she replied back. I asked her, that she had her lunch, and “yes” was the reply and then that stupid bell rang and everyone went inside their class. At the last moment I managed to tell her by signs to come to the bakery shop outside the school, I had some very important information to share, after school.

As the last period bell rang, I almost jumped off my seat and went like a bullet to the bakery shop. I love waiting for her. She came twirling twisting her hair and aksed the reason of this sudden meeting. I left my school bag and open my arms and with the most beautiful 3 words “I love you” I proposed her.

She was stunned with silence with all other people standing at the bakery shop. She manages to escape that day, and th reply came on next day with a hand made greeting card.

“Please ask before doing such thing in public...!!.......and yes I do.....I love you too....!!” 
was the golden reply I received.

That second day of the last month of 2007 made my day and I still remember the restlessness, the curiosity and the joy. After that proposal, my life changed. I become an renowned person in school and my proposal was the hottest topic among all young love birds. Though this didn't end up well, because her parents came to know and our exams were on my head. The topic flew like a virus, and I guess it really infected my and her parents. Finally after the exams, her parents moved to South Africa, and I went to start my college life in Ghaziabad.

I won't say that was the end, but it was the start of my life where I found that being in a distant relationship when you meet, once in a year if the luck favors, you really understand the meaning of the relations, commitment and Yes, the most valuable, your someone and her absence.

Now we broke up and lived our life in the most beautiful way we can. When we meet, we smile and wave “Hi” to each other. I never saw any agitation or anger, but a regret on both of our face that our society is still in the same pit where it was in 90's....and still we say "We are developing......!!".

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