Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Strange Guy

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                           You meet a random person and start talking… What happens next?
Early morning, and the singing birds and here is your tea with some crunchy bread. The most amazing part of morning is that it is really fresh. The time is set to the same starting mark and now its our time to start.

Thus, I started with the newspaper in hand and sitting in my garden, watching kids and their mothers, who are always worried about their children. Then a very strange man was walking on the road, talking to himself looking at my house. I was intrigued by his strange behavior and went up to him to inquire. He requested for a glass of water, and then we sat together to answer his vague questions.

This guy was shabbily dressed, very old with his belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly when he laughs and he laughs a lot. His hair is snow-white ans so was its beard. By the appearance you can say, he must be from Himalayas came after a long duration of tapasya.

He started the conversation with my house, its structure, its vastu and then bluntly came to the point with the question “It seems your family suffered a huge loss recently ?”

This question made me stunned with silence and I could not find any possible connection that how he got to know about the loss. This fascinating fact from this strange guy made me to ask more about us, our family and made me even more restless. He continued to tell more about my family, my wife, about the loss of my first child in order to save my wife. It seems by his talks that this guy was with us all the time during the entire event cycle.

I called my wife and children to meet this strange old man who told truth, which was hidden deep inside my heart. I never realized that this truth which I buried will actually prove to be the blessing in disguise and will make me love my family more.

After all this sudden events of disclosure and meetings with this strange guy, I respectfully accompanied him to the gate and gave some money for his journey. At the gate I found two three letters lying on the street in an open envelope. I collected it and came inside. I read the letters, which says my medical insurance bill is still unpaid and it crossed the due date, so bank will be charging 5% interest on it. It was having all the details including the name of my child and its age, his cause of death and so on. Then I came to know that guy whom I assumed to be some prophet, read only these letters which made him know all this hidden stuffs.

It made me realize that the every thing/work we do, we do it for a reason. Thou, this guy came with fake image and succeeded in fooling us, he also made me realize that how important my family is and how bad a loss could be...!!

Life is a risky game, so play safe because sometimes, its not only about you, sometimes its the group of people who care and love , whom you leave behind....!!

take care...;)