Thursday, 21 February 2013

Writing to me

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

What is writing like? Write a post that includes this phrase, “Writing to me is…”

Writing to me is as if Krishna's(God) advice to Arjuna(People). I write because I love expressing what I feel, what I have been through, what I enjoyed. It gives me the eternal pleasure that needs no words to express. Its good to write, because this 'friend' will never betray me, will never leave me, will always listen to me and will laugh with me on my faults and will always be a clean mirror reflecting ME.

I tried something new. Lets see if all my readers like it.


A discovery was made,
When the sun was set
when life is resting on their softest bed
and winds are soothing the fuming land

I was awake, watching the change
I was searching, the creator of this den
when I found this pen in my hand
and wrote the story of the spirits in hell

I started with love and then with sorrow
I continued to write about the world so hollow
I find many people are in the same pit
where I was lying with the embarassing shits

It sounds so disgusting,
its sounds so lame,
but writing the feelings,
made me to do the same,

You are inquiring the pessimist in me
you are questioning the sleeping tree
I want to answer but I am dumb
and so gave these letters, the power of my words.....!!