Saturday, 30 March 2013

'Still', at your SIGHT

 they told me to write,
the stuffs with knife
and I made some mistakes,
in that alluring sight

I thought the time,
will stand still
when in midst of all,
you were there

you turned around with a pleasant smile,
expecting me to enlighten the sight,
to move my legs, and cover that mile
and help to collect her files, which were lying

When watching you, was my deepest desire,
and getting a reply, is like burning fire
thou I reacted, in an awful style,
was on the floor with all the files

you were startled with that grin
when my friends came to enjoy the fete,
surpassing all, again you smiled
and I hold my heart in front of your eyes

I know the magic in the weather,
the wind was singing SRK's flavour
and birds joined, my augmented delight
to made me 'Still, at your Sight'....!!

Saturday, 23 March 2013


It was written long back, when I was searching job in the Silicon Valley of India. Those days made learn a lot of things and experience the tough but enjoyable days. This was the fight, which I fought everyday with everyone's perception, the physics laws which was asked in mnc's, recruitment drive calls, and the ever surrounding objects in Java.


the whooshing sound of wind blowing around,
the immovable objects now making sound,
apart from being among these objects,
I am experiencing the Einstein law..!!

the moving world,
the rushing crowd,
all turning on the verge of my heart,
when everyone is conscious about their subtle unconscious mind,

what a destiny, which I am creating on,
keeping the momentary irony of calls,
hoping it would be someday,
when the message will arrive about my paycheck,

but still in these objects, is my home
where destiny is not the only one to blame
the hero in me, has already died
but left me to survive the lethal fight !!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Enchanting Sleep

The blowing wind, soothing the harshness caused by the flaming Sun, with the birds singing, and my dearest Mr.Rooster, who always wake me up earlier than even other roosters and always make me yell to “Stop it please..!!”. The grooviest of all, is my maid with a broom in her hand standing right in front of the door, as if some goddess became angry with my sleeping habits and send a destroyer with a weapon of choice, asking me in some sluggish language to come out of bed. Such pain, that too early in the morning is not at all tolerable. I suggest everyone to be aggressive and charge, whomsoever knock at your door early in the morning and trying to wake you up. Sleeping is just a beautiful discovery by some anonymous which is lot better than the Moore's Law, or Newton's apple, or Einstien' speed of light.

The pathetic night, when I am surrounded by my old laptop that too without battery, running directly on alternating current with the Sony two in one music system and the most irritating broken laptop's charger which need to be adjusted every second when you move your butt. Then there is this damn ashtray which is always lost and I have to find it everyday after smoking half the ciggrate when the ashes are almost hanging, giving a picture of dropping the atombomb any where it want. I almost forgot the best of best, my roommate tingling, vibarting mobile which always notify me of my relationship status. Such tragic nights become so peaceful when you sleep leaving all your worries out of the window, like cigarette's smoke which vanishes away in a moment of time.

Its the beauty of the unconscious mind which plays a movie(starring Elisha  Cuthbert) and sometimes serials(starring Nina Dobrev) too, back in my mind when I am asleep. The best part is that I am always the hero, saving Elena from vampires, werewolf's or villains and people calling my name aloud where I am getting all the attention and even sometimes I will be saving superhero's ass from some unknown villain and then I realize.....”jada hogya boss...!!”.

And these dreams are like a complete hangover, where you remember only bits and pieces, as if my mind is washed using the Vanish Oxi Action dream remover. The princess's face, the superhero I saved etc etc all hide into some memory block of my unconsious mind. That is the time when I come into the original world confused still figuring "Whom did I save today ?", and open the door where that maid is still standing with the broom and to my utter astonishment that ashtray is again missing and then I wake up.....!!

Monday, 18 March 2013

A dream come true....!!

 A Winning Performance

A young executive bitting her nails off, and killing the innocence of her face, her eyes were glued on the screen and legs folded. Her body seems as if the bundle of sticks tied together. She is fair enough to illuminate every corner of the room, with smoking red hot dress, sitting on the edge of the sofa, and with the sudden charge of stimulus, her anxiety is flowing in the form of yelling and screaming out so loud that even I got scared on the first glance and then adjusted to the situation. Its the biggest final match of World cup 2011, India vs Sri Lanka. Every person was hoping to dance on grounds and in the streets with the Indian flag in hand making it a blissful environment at the end.

The lady was beautiful with reddish cheeks and glowing eyes. Her hair was all tucked up in some weired way, which was looking damn sexy on her. I was so stunned by the beauty of this lady and the beautiful shots played by Kohli after Tendulkar dismissal. It was Kohli and Gambhir, who put together an 83 run paternship, and built the stage for him. The master strokes played by Gambhir was amazing enough for me to distract me from that awestruck beautiful lady. It was the amazing ambiance also which is making the game a real lively event. Where else can you imagine such an environment apart from a country where people forget about their national game and very “Truly Madly Deeply” involved in Cricket.

Well, it was the time when India was an inch away from victory when this lady stood up and started shouting in the crowd with others and jumping over the sofa's. It was a tough job for the manager of the bar to hold her and make her sit. Though her beauty was still the enigmatic and enchanting, making me completely forgot about our captain's marvelous shots. The amazing inning of Dhoni of 91 on 79 deliveries put enough energy in every person standing to dance and shout to go for one more extra peg. I wonder why bars have such dark, devil's way of representation. Anyhow, the match excitement was still on its peak when Dhoni ended it by hitting a beautiful six (not as beautiful as that lady thou) , and here we became the third nation to lift the world cup more than once.

This lady's charismatic appearance made the match extra exciting and as I was saying from the starting, the most "beautiful" one, as I could have ever imagined. Later, after Mr.Dhoni became the Man of the match, I rushed towards this lady to ask her name, who in a flick of time, disappeared as the wind blows and you never know that it exists. Well, the day was nail bitting and amazing as we became the world's best team and Sachin Tendulkar, finally, got a visual delight in the finals, with his dream becoming a reality.

HAIL INDIA.....!!!

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Glimpse of War

Glimpse of War

keep on walking
until u meet the ONE,
keep on thinking
until u breach the code,
keep the things, 
far more worse
to understand the beginning
of the dreaded world,

keep on walking
until demand is meet,
keep the thought 
to the highest bid,
and welcome the heart
with the finest tears,
and keep lights on
that show NO fear

I choose my path
and the battle of my thoughts,
I keep the "fast"
to tackle all my probs,
to find the glory
among the weeping swords,
and choose to walk
until I reached my HEART

A way to surrender
to the cruelest of all,
I beg my heart
for the pity I want,
I choose to bow
in domain of my darkest part,
So that my deeds could shine
like the gleaming sword.

Thus I walked,
I walked upon,
with memories of journey
and trip to my heart,
and its time for me
to get the Glimpse of the War !! 

Monday, 4 March 2013


Use these three words in your post ‘Little Girl, Toy, Scared’

Its a sad tale, it originated in that grave,
where people live on caste and shame,
their admant nature is making them pay,
and believing on some lousy fame

Our society is made with so many rules and regulations which we follow at every stage of our life. We never ask why we are still believing in those craps which are worthless. We are just following it in order to be safe, Safe from that unknown creature which is not having any shape, structure, or mass.

The greatest of all the species in the whole universe, who is given the power to think, manipulate and execute is still scared of an invisible force. Such an irony, that when everything is now being proved scientifically, we still believe in “chamatkar” to happen. I never deny the fact that there is some Supreme power which created the whole world, but does it anytime say that you should not talk to a low caste people, be biased with the region, religion or should do some pooja to escape from some unknown incident, which even you don't know will happen or not.

The little girl crying at the roadside for a loaf of bread and people prefer to waste their money and eatables goods as investment in God's work which will save them, when they are doing all the bad things. Its like buying a product from the shop. God give me this, I will crack coconuts every friday, sunday.

The worst is yet to tell, when toys are replaced with guns and made young boys to fight battle in name of religion. If you are agreeing to these and still think you are doing the right things, then I guess the meaning and the purpose of your life on this earth will end from that particular day. Then there will be no relation to worship and no joy left, because the world will die a horrific death and the reason will the your skeptical nature, which thinks that human relations comes after the God.
It will be the end, end of the existence of love, joy, adolscence and will be left with some insane people, who will again find some other occupation to decieve people and loot money.

"A man is the product of thoughts, what he thinks is what he becomes."

So, stop being so lame in believing things which are imaginary. These holy books, chants are made to smoothen life and learn more about how to cherish and enjoy every moment. To learn from others and impart knowledge, to define a bond among every human being which will form the existence of a new World without hatred, pain and death.

"Where there is love, there is Life...!!"

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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Mind - A friend

It looks so amusing when you try something very unfamiliar and then with a lot of nut-head's advice you actually go for it and find yourself in deep deep shit. I am still fascinated by a lot of things and am actually looking forward to complete it in this phase of my life, but that's totally a different story. 

It was pretty amazing to know that people with different thinking, perceptions are actually having the same mentality when it comes to do something new and, but obvious, Love too. I am not denying the fact that exceptions are there, but still you will find a lot of people with the same thoughts on the same event, incidents etc.

I thought of writing about thoughts because what I had experienced, was shockingly fascinating when I find people having the same story and are actually going on the same path where I had been in my turn of events. Though fascinating to know, but still I always have a second thought that if everyone is going on the same path, or will be in future, then
Why don't we listen to people with experience, who faced it already ?
Why we wait until it happens with us and then we realize our mistakes ?

We know that things might get a bit awkwardly unexpected and maybe tragic sometimes, but still we follow the same line of path what other advice us not to. Its in habit of I guess a 70% of all human being. Then some of us curse God, some curse others and regret everything what they did.

Well, I am talking about the other side of the coin only, it may be the case that sometimes people ignore to what other say and actually become successful, get what they want. Its just the perception I am having that every now and then I find people listening to their heart and ignoring what mind tell. I had been in those condition and I am not the extraordinary one, I also fall in the same pit and the realize my mistakes later.

The story behind writing and give “gyan” is just to make people know that besides heart there is a very powerful, amazing, and governing part of our body, and that's called Brain. So have a second thought of whatever you do, you might get stucked sometimes but anyhow you will find that mind is not the one everytime, which decieve you.

And the most important, that you can listen to both heart amd mind, and follow anyone of them, and even ignore them. Sometimes just saying a “No” is quite safer than following other's “Yes”.

So listen to your heart, and then tell it to your mind....!!!