Monday, 18 March 2013

A dream come true....!!

 A Winning Performance

A young executive bitting her nails off, and killing the innocence of her face, her eyes were glued on the screen and legs folded. Her body seems as if the bundle of sticks tied together. She is fair enough to illuminate every corner of the room, with smoking red hot dress, sitting on the edge of the sofa, and with the sudden charge of stimulus, her anxiety is flowing in the form of yelling and screaming out so loud that even I got scared on the first glance and then adjusted to the situation. Its the biggest final match of World cup 2011, India vs Sri Lanka. Every person was hoping to dance on grounds and in the streets with the Indian flag in hand making it a blissful environment at the end.

The lady was beautiful with reddish cheeks and glowing eyes. Her hair was all tucked up in some weired way, which was looking damn sexy on her. I was so stunned by the beauty of this lady and the beautiful shots played by Kohli after Tendulkar dismissal. It was Kohli and Gambhir, who put together an 83 run paternship, and built the stage for him. The master strokes played by Gambhir was amazing enough for me to distract me from that awestruck beautiful lady. It was the amazing ambiance also which is making the game a real lively event. Where else can you imagine such an environment apart from a country where people forget about their national game and very “Truly Madly Deeply” involved in Cricket.

Well, it was the time when India was an inch away from victory when this lady stood up and started shouting in the crowd with others and jumping over the sofa's. It was a tough job for the manager of the bar to hold her and make her sit. Though her beauty was still the enigmatic and enchanting, making me completely forgot about our captain's marvelous shots. The amazing inning of Dhoni of 91 on 79 deliveries put enough energy in every person standing to dance and shout to go for one more extra peg. I wonder why bars have such dark, devil's way of representation. Anyhow, the match excitement was still on its peak when Dhoni ended it by hitting a beautiful six (not as beautiful as that lady thou) , and here we became the third nation to lift the world cup more than once.

This lady's charismatic appearance made the match extra exciting and as I was saying from the starting, the most "beautiful" one, as I could have ever imagined. Later, after Mr.Dhoni became the Man of the match, I rushed towards this lady to ask her name, who in a flick of time, disappeared as the wind blows and you never know that it exists. Well, the day was nail bitting and amazing as we became the world's best team and Sachin Tendulkar, finally, got a visual delight in the finals, with his dream becoming a reality.

HAIL INDIA.....!!!

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