Monday, 4 March 2013


Use these three words in your post ‘Little Girl, Toy, Scared’

Its a sad tale, it originated in that grave,
where people live on caste and shame,
their admant nature is making them pay,
and believing on some lousy fame

Our society is made with so many rules and regulations which we follow at every stage of our life. We never ask why we are still believing in those craps which are worthless. We are just following it in order to be safe, Safe from that unknown creature which is not having any shape, structure, or mass.

The greatest of all the species in the whole universe, who is given the power to think, manipulate and execute is still scared of an invisible force. Such an irony, that when everything is now being proved scientifically, we still believe in “chamatkar” to happen. I never deny the fact that there is some Supreme power which created the whole world, but does it anytime say that you should not talk to a low caste people, be biased with the region, religion or should do some pooja to escape from some unknown incident, which even you don't know will happen or not.

The little girl crying at the roadside for a loaf of bread and people prefer to waste their money and eatables goods as investment in God's work which will save them, when they are doing all the bad things. Its like buying a product from the shop. God give me this, I will crack coconuts every friday, sunday.

The worst is yet to tell, when toys are replaced with guns and made young boys to fight battle in name of religion. If you are agreeing to these and still think you are doing the right things, then I guess the meaning and the purpose of your life on this earth will end from that particular day. Then there will be no relation to worship and no joy left, because the world will die a horrific death and the reason will the your skeptical nature, which thinks that human relations comes after the God.
It will be the end, end of the existence of love, joy, adolscence and will be left with some insane people, who will again find some other occupation to decieve people and loot money.

"A man is the product of thoughts, what he thinks is what he becomes."

So, stop being so lame in believing things which are imaginary. These holy books, chants are made to smoothen life and learn more about how to cherish and enjoy every moment. To learn from others and impart knowledge, to define a bond among every human being which will form the existence of a new World without hatred, pain and death.

"Where there is love, there is Life...!!"

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