Saturday, 23 March 2013


It was written long back, when I was searching job in the Silicon Valley of India. Those days made learn a lot of things and experience the tough but enjoyable days. This was the fight, which I fought everyday with everyone's perception, the physics laws which was asked in mnc's, recruitment drive calls, and the ever surrounding objects in Java.


the whooshing sound of wind blowing around,
the immovable objects now making sound,
apart from being among these objects,
I am experiencing the Einstein law..!!

the moving world,
the rushing crowd,
all turning on the verge of my heart,
when everyone is conscious about their subtle unconscious mind,

what a destiny, which I am creating on,
keeping the momentary irony of calls,
hoping it would be someday,
when the message will arrive about my paycheck,

but still in these objects, is my home
where destiny is not the only one to blame
the hero in me, has already died
but left me to survive the lethal fight !!