Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Glimpse of War

Glimpse of War

keep on walking
until u meet the ONE,
keep on thinking
until u breach the code,
keep the things, 
far more worse
to understand the beginning
of the dreaded world,

keep on walking
until demand is meet,
keep the thought 
to the highest bid,
and welcome the heart
with the finest tears,
and keep lights on
that show NO fear

I choose my path
and the battle of my thoughts,
I keep the "fast"
to tackle all my probs,
to find the glory
among the weeping swords,
and choose to walk
until I reached my HEART

A way to surrender
to the cruelest of all,
I beg my heart
for the pity I want,
I choose to bow
in domain of my darkest part,
So that my deeds could shine
like the gleaming sword.

Thus I walked,
I walked upon,
with memories of journey
and trip to my heart,
and its time for me
to get the Glimpse of the War !!