Sunday, 3 March 2013

Mind - A friend

It looks so amusing when you try something very unfamiliar and then with a lot of nut-head's advice you actually go for it and find yourself in deep deep shit. I am still fascinated by a lot of things and am actually looking forward to complete it in this phase of my life, but that's totally a different story. 

It was pretty amazing to know that people with different thinking, perceptions are actually having the same mentality when it comes to do something new and, but obvious, Love too. I am not denying the fact that exceptions are there, but still you will find a lot of people with the same thoughts on the same event, incidents etc.

I thought of writing about thoughts because what I had experienced, was shockingly fascinating when I find people having the same story and are actually going on the same path where I had been in my turn of events. Though fascinating to know, but still I always have a second thought that if everyone is going on the same path, or will be in future, then
Why don't we listen to people with experience, who faced it already ?
Why we wait until it happens with us and then we realize our mistakes ?

We know that things might get a bit awkwardly unexpected and maybe tragic sometimes, but still we follow the same line of path what other advice us not to. Its in habit of I guess a 70% of all human being. Then some of us curse God, some curse others and regret everything what they did.

Well, I am talking about the other side of the coin only, it may be the case that sometimes people ignore to what other say and actually become successful, get what they want. Its just the perception I am having that every now and then I find people listening to their heart and ignoring what mind tell. I had been in those condition and I am not the extraordinary one, I also fall in the same pit and the realize my mistakes later.

The story behind writing and give “gyan” is just to make people know that besides heart there is a very powerful, amazing, and governing part of our body, and that's called Brain. So have a second thought of whatever you do, you might get stucked sometimes but anyhow you will find that mind is not the one everytime, which decieve you.

And the most important, that you can listen to both heart amd mind, and follow anyone of them, and even ignore them. Sometimes just saying a “No” is quite safer than following other's “Yes”.

So listen to your heart, and then tell it to your mind....!!!