Saturday, 30 March 2013

'Still', at your SIGHT

 they told me to write,
the stuffs with knife
and I made some mistakes,
in that alluring sight

I thought the time,
will stand still
when in midst of all,
you were there

you turned around with a pleasant smile,
expecting me to enlighten the sight,
to move my legs, and cover that mile
and help to collect her files, which were lying

When watching you, was my deepest desire,
and getting a reply, is like burning fire
thou I reacted, in an awful style,
was on the floor with all the files

you were startled with that grin
when my friends came to enjoy the fete,
surpassing all, again you smiled
and I hold my heart in front of your eyes

I know the magic in the weather,
the wind was singing SRK's flavour
and birds joined, my augmented delight
to made me 'Still, at your Sight'....!!