Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Enchanting Sleep

The blowing wind, soothing the harshness caused by the flaming Sun, with the birds singing, and my dearest Mr.Rooster, who always wake me up earlier than even other roosters and always make me yell to “Stop it please..!!”. The grooviest of all, is my maid with a broom in her hand standing right in front of the door, as if some goddess became angry with my sleeping habits and send a destroyer with a weapon of choice, asking me in some sluggish language to come out of bed. Such pain, that too early in the morning is not at all tolerable. I suggest everyone to be aggressive and charge, whomsoever knock at your door early in the morning and trying to wake you up. Sleeping is just a beautiful discovery by some anonymous which is lot better than the Moore's Law, or Newton's apple, or Einstien' speed of light.

The pathetic night, when I am surrounded by my old laptop that too without battery, running directly on alternating current with the Sony two in one music system and the most irritating broken laptop's charger which need to be adjusted every second when you move your butt. Then there is this damn ashtray which is always lost and I have to find it everyday after smoking half the ciggrate when the ashes are almost hanging, giving a picture of dropping the atombomb any where it want. I almost forgot the best of best, my roommate tingling, vibarting mobile which always notify me of my relationship status. Such tragic nights become so peaceful when you sleep leaving all your worries out of the window, like cigarette's smoke which vanishes away in a moment of time.

Its the beauty of the unconscious mind which plays a movie(starring Elisha  Cuthbert) and sometimes serials(starring Nina Dobrev) too, back in my mind when I am asleep. The best part is that I am always the hero, saving Elena from vampires, werewolf's or villains and people calling my name aloud where I am getting all the attention and even sometimes I will be saving superhero's ass from some unknown villain and then I realize.....”jada hogya boss...!!”.

And these dreams are like a complete hangover, where you remember only bits and pieces, as if my mind is washed using the Vanish Oxi Action dream remover. The princess's face, the superhero I saved etc etc all hide into some memory block of my unconsious mind. That is the time when I come into the original world confused still figuring "Whom did I save today ?", and open the door where that maid is still standing with the broom and to my utter astonishment that ashtray is again missing and then I wake up.....!!