Thursday, 4 April 2013

A day in GYM


First of all, neglecting all the benefits, its a very painful job to wake up early in  morning just to go and run your ass off, then lift some dumbles and try some triceps, biceps. But when I enter into such an environment, where people with 'dole shole' are moving around with their stiffed muscles and sweaty, stinking body, I always have a thought of why not ME, and there starts my journey of stinking, tired morning, which gradually becomes fresh and energetic.

I was standing in front of my apartments gym and was shocked to realize the fact that it is still 5:30 am, when even the gaurd was sleeping. The frustated guard, with one eye open, wished in a disgraceful manner, passed the key to me and again went back to his hibernation.

I opened the door with great difficulty because of its antique architechture, but  the equipments are new like babies, with the polythene cover still on it. As if its a musuem of all these equipemnts. There is the treadmill, and without anyone behind me or anyone ahead of me, I started running with the incline set at 3 and speed at 9km/hr. After some time a uncle of my apartment entered and it was such an awkward moment, when you are running and someone enter into the gym giving you a fake wide smile, as if he knows me very well and will soon come to hug me for my presence over there.

Well anyhow, after the treadmill chase and catch, I started with the crunches, when I realized that my stomach has became a rubber tube, making every movement so terribly painful and difficult for me. Hail to guys who score a century in these crunches. I was out at 20 only.

Then the dumbles, which is my favoruite. I started dancing with the 2.5 kgs dumble and realized that the population of gym is also increasing. So, I also moved onto 7.5kgs and felt the pain in my biceps after one round only. After all these amazing dancing steps, these mirrors attracts me a lot, as if the 'observing yourself and then others' also comes in my daily schedule of exercise.

After these tiresome jobs, there was no energy left to even stand properly, and the hands are still in pain, heart is not in mood to cool down, and there is this thirst part which was killing me. Anyhow reached my room on first floor, removed the shoes, fall on bed and opened Facebook, where I saw a blog post by one of my senior which made me to start writing and here it is what I wrote......!!