Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Thought

Today, whatever I am going to talk is my own perception, built after listening to a lot of people, their views and how they believe in religion, god etc. I being a human being, is not biased and respected every religion, and their beliefs .

I am living in an environment, where a hindu's Shiva is different from a muslim's Allah. I don't know, when everybody is taught about the concept of "God is one", why is everyone so concerned about every individual Gods. They used to believe all the traditional beliefs and are proud enough to exercise in daylight. These traditions, like praying trees, is not because someone lives in that tree, its because of its medicinal value. There is always some reason behind following any rule, belief. Even the whole sole reason for writing holy books is to make people aware of the difference between human being and animals, making them do things which allow people to live and prosper.

God has made this world asking questions and the first one was "Whether to make it or not ?", with just two choices. We know that every coin has two sides, and one side which is exactly oppostie of the other. There is always two and exactly two choices we have and that is either YES or NO. There is nothing called "maybe". If you take any example from studies ,to work, to playground, to exammination hall, to anywhere in the entire world, there will always be two choices with us. It depends on every individual, whether to go for YES or a NO.....!!

The world lives on the principle of "Survival of fittest" making us exactly like animals. Animals follow the same, the weaker section dies, and whats left is consumed by the stronger section. We are the evolved animals, a more powerful breed, the one who is gifted with the ability to think, to believe, to love, & to understand. We have seen people, wars, relations, cruelty and smile, joy, happiness. Then why are we fighting among ourselves for something alien to us , dividing lands, dividing rivers, dividing each of us in races, caste, regions.

Well its simple, its easy, its beautiful if we think before following any traditions, laws, rules, which is hurting us, eating up the human inside us. Since change is the law of nature, we must welcome, new traditions in our life, which brings the whole new world in front of us, a whole new set of tasks, competitions, fun and respect for new ideas, new beliefs.

I hope these thoughts will implant a thought in your mind too.....!!