Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bluntly told

The starting of the world must have been difficult, but the most difficult part of it to sustain so many selfish creature who have their mindset and plans to destroy the only binding that keeps all living being together. It is pretty strange but, it is the truth and the most weird thing about it, is that we know all the stuffs and still we are busy doing it.

Well enough of the gyan I imparted, thou we always cannot be saints and the human touch of happiness, remorse and treachery will always reside in us. So, I just wanted to know how does it feel when the thing you want it badly is the only thing you cannot get or achieve ?
I wanted so many things from this life, but one thing I wanted badly is pretty messed up right now and its own state of mind is not at all worried about anything else. I know that it is quite confusing, but even me getting it clear will take, I guess, a whole lifetime.

Its that thing inside us which always says that go for it, give it a chance, may be you can get or achieve the things you want and a counterpart who will always be saying the opposite. And then all beloved people will help you with the consolation part or with some vague advices.

What if there is a situation when you don't need anybody's help ?
When you don't need the advice ?, because you know it very clearly that its not made for you, or being specific, you don't deserve it.

how do you feel ?,
how do you crave for it ?,
how your desire burns inside, when you don't have anyone to share ?,
how it feels, how it shatters you, how it kills you.....!!!

The story of being the one and binding everyone together with the string called love/relation is now an antique thing and people are more busy with what they get then what they want. If you look closely than the gyan right now I am providing is also might be just a mere concussion or a slight provocation of that emotional tinch after a harsh talk with your beloved ones or a movie or a serial, which, for a moment, changes everything we think. It gives you a new specs which shows what you want it to be and what will happen when you get what you want.

Logistically, all the things I typed will be read and will be forgotten, because its not a nice story, but still I would like to post this weird state of my mind. And I don't blame anyone of having that perception, because its how human behaves. The only things left behind or will effect us is the pain of the memories, the moments you shared. Hence, make it so cherishable, that if again you want to relive a page of past of your life, you might not feel remorse or regret. It should be almost perfect to give a wide smile on your face and a feeling way better than what I am asking, so that the glow on your face with that smile may elighten the whole darkness in you....!!