Friday, 26 April 2013

Confession of an afflicting mind

the fear of being alone, in this crowded nest,
sitting in the room, remembering every one's face
calling my name, aloud, so that everyone could tell
on every shores, its echo remains

the plans I make, is an unexecutable file
the deeds I did, are the punsihable crime
the history I make, is a mysterious dine
with my obsetinable fame and the glory to shine

I don't know the reason, for not speaking it loud,
dying in the shame of, being the undeserving one
and the remorse of things, I never tried
to handle these blames, so that I could survive

Hope One day, I will meet my destiny
will sit with it, to discuss my insanity
and walk with it, so nobody to follow
and lie with it, to taste my sorrow..!!