Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Journey from Office to Room & vice versa

There is one called as a happy, lively, relaxing journey, and on the other hand is this journey, I had. I was all about to puke on the road, because of the restlessness I am feeling and on the top is this annoying traffic jam, which you could find at anytime in Bangalore. Well, if you stay in Bangalore, and have to travel everyday, crossing that Silk board and BTM to reach your office, and you do it everyday, then I salute you with both, my hands and my legs too.....;)

Early in the morning,  a long traffic waiting for you and as soon as you cross this traffic, big as Mount Everest(Central Silk Board), another mountain(BTM) is waiting for you, welcoming with both 'his' arms open. I must correct myself, that it must be a 'her', because that traffic is so annoying, probably makes you remember your ex's. Nowadays, seems our dear Sun is also in full mood to put all his energy to burn everything and the rising prices of these volvo buses is another big problem hitting your pocket so severely, and that too in the last week of the month, when eating North Indian food in South India is in itself a big...big task.

Well that is the story of morning, filling your heart with so much frustration that a simple java code compilation can deep fry your brain, left you with one hope and that is to wait for the clock to reach the lunch session, which finishes of so early as if the speed of time is gradually increased to match the speed of light. Now after so many frustating moments, when your roommate call you up telling you about his 'Ek tha dayan' experience,  I bet you will surelly be killing yourself right there sitting in front of that stupid ancient desktop.
Well, I do.......!!

Anyhow, the office hours is over and it gives you a feeling of the last moment of the last period in the school, when you are all set to just listen that bell ringing, to fly off to the school gate.......aaahhh School days.....!!

Now, its in the evening,  when you are waiting for your bus and not a single bus is there, which goes to your area. If you find a bus also, your problems doesn't end here, now you have to face the crowd in that small bus and the irritating bus conductor, who will be trying to fool you to get some 5 or 10 bucks more. Now, if your thinking that, that's all, so I should remind you again that Mount BTM and Mount Silk board are yet to come.

And then my journey ends up, with this buses, and now have to travel another 2.8km + some 100m to reach my room and lie down to pen down my frustration here.
Uffff ......Bangalore's traffic........!!!

BTM traffic