Sunday, 21 April 2013

New phase of life

The atrocities and the conclusion with in the defined rules of the unmanaged world of mine was asking a big question of existence, which is always there with me, making me think of things I must do and the guilt of things I haven't done before. Thou, tragically wonderful, to cherish the beauty of memories, I always feel there can always be something more to it.

I was with all new set of people from different regions, new style of the words and the stories or to be specific, the hidden stories. After, finishing one phase of my life, I was fascinated with the world of new people, new thoughts, new drama and then most important, the new experience. The corporate world is full of drama, believe me, the work, the relations, the  behaviour and the perception of every individual, which in some point of time will be helpful. Well, I experienced the most enigmatic, enthusiastic work environment and the amazing people out there, supporting every newbies. At first, I was bit astonished but it was actually the truth.

In office, where employees are present only with the intention of working, small laughs and some teasing smiles, I found a whole set of new experience while hanging out with them in the office cafeteria. My office is not very big, but it has all sort of things happening in it from springs, hibernate, to TT, singing, damshrastra, and to every fantastic events, which is having full participation with all enthusiastic participants, irrespective of their age.I found myself perfectly fit in this new environment, but there is always a question of what comes next and what might be outcome of such unknown event.

Well, when I am talking about the people,  how could I forget the people's eyes, which is always lurking about things you might do it wrongly, and then the criticism, looks and the giggles you always listen while passing by. Thou, it never effected me, but as I said, individual perception helps you at some point of time, and at others, it can destroy you too.

The air you breathe in is not always toxic, but you should always be alarmed of the environment, so that the air you believe to be so pure to intake, might not turn toxically addictive.

Earning center ;)

The entry was cool and dramatic, to this amazingly new place and to my new phase, where I am earning and spending it, the way I like, but still left me with the same inevitable question of 'what's next ..??'.