Wednesday, 22 May 2013

....She Is....

No wonder how, beautiful she is
in her own tongue, mysterious she is
she laughs out loud, when I fall
and helped me out, to stand out tall

I admire her, for the way she is
I fall in love, every time I see
I believe in her, and lost in it
I worship her, as a Goddess she is

Now, that I revealed the secret to you
don't tell to anyone, because I have to
which I tried a million times,
and was numb when she was around

Her eyes so mischevious, did all the tricks
her lips were numb, but a story teller in it
her expression was, killing me
when I meet her, in the ocean's deep

She cannot hide, the charm in her
it was spreading like, a victorious hymn,
of which I was the listener, and the observer too
because she lives in my heart,
and someone, in her's too....!!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Road to Victory

The time I left sobbing was already gone, and was up again searching for the new moments of happiness. I made up my mind of not to go into that fortress of solitude again, and be a socially active to again follow the life, but all with a heavy heart.

I started early in the morning, with all the luggage, and my favourite spicy Chicken Mcgrill. I was heading towards my home, but this time not through any flying iron bird, or in some crawling snake, rather some of the best and the horrible way of puting yourself in danger. I took my lovely Thunderbird, 350cc to travel a 2184 km ride to my home, and I was pretty happy that after such a disastrous time, I will be at home again for my brother's marriage, and that too in my own grand way, me and my bike, running on the road.

The point of stopping at motels and at the bars is very hollywood type, but I found no other place to spend the night. I was at the leverage of theft or murder, but I was enjoying the 'No Questions', 'No orders', 'No Lies' and on the top, 'No to the same daily routine' part. I don't know why I choose the road to cover this gigantic distance, but it was fun until, I meet a guy, 70 to 75 years of age, chubby, wet in sweat, walking down the road, and smoking the Lites, which I could just smell and tell it.

Well, I should tell you, the fastest way of making friends and being social, is to start smoking. I am not at all encouraging the deadly way to die, thou it helps in attracting other smoke loving people. I was still looking for some shops, for that one smoke to calm my restlessness, which my dear smoking buddy provided at the time of need, and I guess, so we say

Friend in need is a friend indeed.

Well, I gave him the ride he wanted and he gave the lavishing smoke I wanted.

That freezing night, the perfect weather, the cool breeze and the beautiful moon, and then this huge man......!!
I was driving in the night, which after 2 to 3 hours became very hectic, and the sleeping gaint behind me was still snoring so loudly that I have to deliberatly push him backwards so that he could regain his bulky body of about 100kgs or so. Well, after all this snoring and dizziness, I was feeling, I was enjoying the freedom, the ride and my lovely thunderbird sound. I was so into the ride, that for this whole moment, I forgot to ask about this old man's destination. Anyhow, his weight on my shoulders, and the unbeatable sleep, was making me unconcious, when I finally decided to take a room in some motel and sleep for some hours and then drive, again with the fresh, new spirit in the morning.

As I was slowing down near to this motel named, 'Roshni- The Light', the giant man started speaking in some alien language, and fall right there on the road from my bike, I was in no position to save him from the fall, thou I helped him to get up on his feet again. Then, I told the whole scenario about staying in that motel that night, and he agreed to that. I was feeling very sleepy, so I thought of having the conversation again in the morning, and said a careless good night, and headed directly in my room. I was in my dream land as soon as I lied down, and in a moment the Sun was up, on my face saying the most pathetic 'Good Morning' to me.

As I woke up, I went to that man's room and was knocking at the door, when the owner, who was just passing by, came to me to tell that there is noone in that room, it was never been occupied. That was pretty shocking to me, thou I didn't care. I was still happy that I am again with my love, the Thunderbird. So I came to my room again, took bath, and checked out of the motel. I was in the parking lot, when the nuclear warhead just fall on my head directly with out any prior notice.

My love was gone.....!!
My Thunderbird was not there, where I parked....!!

That damn guy, might have taken the keys in the night, when I was very careless and yes, vulnerable too.

I started yelling at everyone, and started checking the logs for his name, or address or any contact number. I was deep buried inside with remorse of offering him the lift, when I found a strange entry in the log with my name again, and address as same as mine, but on remarks, written as "Those who are seeking for themselves, will find the road to victory", making me worried with the familiar phrase, I was reading. Thou it was familiar, but I didn't have any clue where I read that. After lodging a FIR for my lost thunderbird, I took a bus to the airport and flew home, with a sad face and regretting heart.

And this was the moment, when my family was overjoyed, having me in home after an year. So, I was acting normally, but couldn't forgot the loss that incurred to me. After entering and meeting everyone, I came to the grandpa's room, whom I love so much, and just didn't get the chance to say that I adore you. He is my idol, and if you know him, I bet, you will also be a fan of him too. There on the wall, at the pic, I was looking to him, regretting things, I could have done, when he was there with me, and was shocked to read the same words, "Those who are seeking for themselves, will find the road to victory" again. I was standing stunned looking and reading the sentence again and again. I don't know what got into my mind, that I rushed into the garage, and there was my love, sitting there, shining like something, telling me to be calm and happy.

I might not able to explain the trail of events to anyone, but now I believe that He is with me, every moment, every second of my life, guiding me to that road of victory....!!