Wednesday, 22 May 2013

....She Is....

No wonder how, beautiful she is
in her own tongue, mysterious she is
she laughs out loud, when I fall
and helped me out, to stand out tall

I admire her, for the way she is
I fall in love, every time I see
I believe in her, and lost in it
I worship her, as a Goddess she is

Now, that I revealed the secret to you
don't tell to anyone, because I have to
which I tried a million times,
and was numb when she was around

Her eyes so mischevious, did all the tricks
her lips were numb, but a story teller in it
her expression was, killing me
when I meet her, in the ocean's deep

She cannot hide, the charm in her
it was spreading like, a victorious hymn,
of which I was the listener, and the observer too
because she lives in my heart,
and someone, in her's too....!!