Saturday, 31 August 2013

An hour with 'Me'

It was an exotic journey, tiresome too. I realised the importance of money, relationships, mistakes, people around me, their nuisance, their advice, and the most important is their existence. Its always necessary to have someone as a friend or as a enemy. It make you realise the importance and the value of your existence and sometimes the purpose of your life.

Not to be mean with my words, I will always thanks everyone in my life, who left me, who are still there to hold me and kick my butt, who still care, who have double face and many more in this list. Its a awesome journey to carry on, and being loved or hated by someone, is just a mere perspective of an individual. You love to care, and dare to say it. No one will ever be departed until you stop realising that their existence is not, you care about, and when you care for everyone, your existence will fade.

There will always be moments, when you have this feeling of being alone, ignored, which will just become worse when you keep it in yourself. Just give yourself a precious hour of your whole schedule, and you will realise all your mistakes, what should you do, and what you should not do. The  crazy times, when you just call some friends and start talking absurd and laugh on all stupid things and when you sum up all these moments, precious memories are created somewhere in your subconscious. 

The joy you give will find a way back to you, while the pain you give might fade away leaving you with those absurd useful talks which is still there in you somewhere, making you laugh and even bring tears to your eyes. So, hold those moments, smile, shed some tears, laugh out loud, and live. Life is always beautiful...!! 

I realise all of these, and its completely my perspective, may be it differs a lot from all of you reading this, but its my perspective and it will be amazing if someone appreciate it....;)

Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Classroom

I have never been in a situation where I have to regret. I always have my priority set for every conditions. This time, I was in middle of some thing which I neither can avoid nor can I face it. I started a institute with the name 'The Brain Factory'. It was a small educational firm where I thought of educating all the college and the school students in technical field.

It was started in the second week of June, some 3 years ago. I started this institute in my hometown where a lot of people are not very concerned about the technical background a child must possess, so that he could sustain the bitterest fight he may ever face. The starting was not very good, but gradually it was catching up the pace. At the end of first month, there were around 10 students from the locals, of which 6 were from my neighbour. In the next month, to my astonishment a group of 15 students from a school near by named 'WHSMS', came to join and were interested in learning C, Java and SQL. At that time, I was the only teacher teaching, and decided not to put more members, thinking that Varanasi is a small town. But by the end of third month more 20 students joined and the name of my technical institute was known to even to the outskirts of my town. The name was trimmed by students to only B-Factory and at some places it was also known by The BFac. Thou, I love the later name.

It was time and enough savings for me to think about a new decent place, where I could find the necessary things to give the institute its meaning like space, technologies, equipments, etc. The basic problem I faced was to collect all the equipments computers, its parts, tables, chairs, some air conditioner, black boards, etc. These seems to be very easy, but at times when you have to deal with all the local gundas in order to be protected, and keep everything easy and under the table, you are left with no other option than to start your transactions under the table only, away from the eyes of cops which will still make me loose more money than actually saving it. Well anyhow, after another three pathetic months of labour and facing the real face of government and their work flow, I completed my dream, standing in front of the famous Indraprasth Mall, at Sigra. The day ended with lots of pomp's and shows, which was actively participated by some of the local cops, I guess, who didn't got their share. The next day, was the starting of the new era, a new institute to work on nurturing talents, making the upcoming stars to shine brightly. It was a dream come true for me, but seems God has different plans.

The very next day, a group of 10 to 12 people and the number was increasing, were all gathering in front of the institution waiting for me, not allowing any students to enter in the building. As soon as I arrived, I came to know about all this drama, and I was also very casual, because after so much of trouble I faced in building my dreams, I had enough experience to deal with a greedy crazy mob. I thought, paying a certain sum of money will be the answer, but as I said, you never know what's the devil is thinking until you came across one of them. There was already three coaching institute which were running well in that area, and the teachers earning was the black money earned by some rich, filthy ministers or some businessmen. So, they all gathered over there to stop the proceedings with a lame concept of Caste, which says I am not following and allowing a lower caste student to mingle with a higher one. I was stunned to hear the response from the public, that in a world, where technologies is surpassing even human being, these people still believe in caste, religion, colour and sex. I thought those filthy cops might be of some help, but after looking at the mob's agitation, they left immediately.

Now, it was the mob's agitation versus my dream, and I am not gonna make it so easy for them to destroy my dream. I contacted every cops, every ministers in the area, but all were greedy bastards, already filled their pockets. I was left with no option then to close it, or else these people were on the verge of burning it. I could do nothing, all my years of hard work, saving and my dream was all shattered on the ground, with nobody to help. Now, I was left with an empty building, filled with chairs, desk, computers.

I lost all hopes and days passed while my debt was increasing. I started a coaching in my home, teaching students about the basics. These students were more interested in cracking IIT-JEE, AIEEE to join the greatest mind of the world. I was just guiding them for 2 to 3 hours a day, of which I get a decent amount to cover my expenses. Once, in the class, I was sitting alone, thinking about all the horrifying incidents happened and asking questions to myself about the reason of failure, when some students came over to ask some questions from the chapters recently taught.

The first question he asked was : Why does camphor vanishes in thin air, if kept for a prolonged period of time?
and next was : Why is solid sodium dance over water, sparkling the area ?

I was dumbstruck, stunned, excited and after a while the answer I gave was : Its their behaviour.

I got the answer of all my questions, that's its the people's behaviour to protect themselves from any type of danger which might come up in future. Those people were scared of the BFac and in order to save their butts, they find the easy way to destroy BFac.

That at least make me think of an alternative way of how to conquer my dreams again. I started working on it, when I came across a website, where anyone can teach and impart knowledge through video conferencing on Internet or attend classes. I got the answer to all my puzzle, I got the way, I knew that this is perfect, because the fastest growing networks for communication is the Internet and  people were getting more comfortable at home then going out of their houses. I started a website, which do the same thing I saw on Internet, where a person can create a account to take classes or attend classes from other members. It was also not hurting any caste rules and regulations, and it was not effecting anyone, for now.

It all worked very well, the site became popular, which now contains more than thousand video on different topics including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Computer, Virus, etc etc. It also contains the topic wise video tutorials. It has some 12 billions users and 50 thousands teachers in it. That's what a virtual Classroom I made, without  going out on streets, without bribing anyone and without hurting anyone's occupation.

And I guess, I got enough of what I deserve....!!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

When I was King...!!

There was that day, when I was king...!!

Thinking of only butter and icecream
Mario and Contra in my dreams
Stories from school, and The 'scenes'
Teacher's scolding and the Bell rings

There was that day, when I was king...!!

Talking of books, and the chapters we skipped
The topics I left, while my friends know it in deep
Test-tubes in labcoat, and H2S released
Sodium on water, and teachers screamed

There was that day, when I was king...!!

The books from library, and the photos we see
Trying hard to sneak in other's sheets
late for school, and the prayers we read
Bombs in bathroom, and the suspensions we achieved

There was that day, when I was king...!!

The beautiful senior girls, and samosa at canteen
rushing for toilets, to get her glimpse
hiding from that girl, who is stalking at you
Still innocent we were, when parents came to know

There was that day, when I was king...!!