Saturday, 31 August 2013

An hour with 'Me'

It was an exotic journey, tiresome too. I realised the importance of money, relationships, mistakes, people around me, their nuisance, their advice, and the most important is their existence. Its always necessary to have someone as a friend or as a enemy. It make you realise the importance and the value of your existence and sometimes the purpose of your life.

Not to be mean with my words, I will always thanks everyone in my life, who left me, who are still there to hold me and kick my butt, who still care, who have double face and many more in this list. Its a awesome journey to carry on, and being loved or hated by someone, is just a mere perspective of an individual. You love to care, and dare to say it. No one will ever be departed until you stop realising that their existence is not, you care about, and when you care for everyone, your existence will fade.

There will always be moments, when you have this feeling of being alone, ignored, which will just become worse when you keep it in yourself. Just give yourself a precious hour of your whole schedule, and you will realise all your mistakes, what should you do, and what you should not do. The  crazy times, when you just call some friends and start talking absurd and laugh on all stupid things and when you sum up all these moments, precious memories are created somewhere in your subconscious. 

The joy you give will find a way back to you, while the pain you give might fade away leaving you with those absurd useful talks which is still there in you somewhere, making you laugh and even bring tears to your eyes. So, hold those moments, smile, shed some tears, laugh out loud, and live. Life is always beautiful...!! 

I realise all of these, and its completely my perspective, may be it differs a lot from all of you reading this, but its my perspective and it will be amazing if someone appreciate it....;)