Sunday, 6 October 2013

In Will Graham shoes

Note: Whoever is watching the Hannibal series, this will not be a spoiler at all. :)

These days watching The Hannibal series, which is about a psychotic killer, who feeds on human organs. This series is based on the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris. The character 'Will Graham', who is working with the Behavioural Unit to identify the crime scene and the way crime has been committed to catch the killer, is traumatised by the experiences he had in all the crime scenes he was involved. (Up to Season 1 episode 11). I just tried to step in his shoes and wrote these.

I think than rather be asleep,
walk in her shoes, and feel it deep
know the courses, and their way
bow down to her, to accept what she says

but then my mind, cruelty with delight
caught up with insanity, 
find pleasure, in every sight
stand on top, to see the crime
involve in it, to enjoy the diet

empathising is what I do,
reconstructing the scene, 
by putting myself in You
to realise how horrendous it could be

these remains, these exposures
of my heinous crime, 
is still in continuation, 
in the name of fight, 
from the most dangerous play of my confusing mind....!!

Saturday, 5 October 2013


I was striving in the dark,
when my companion came along,
she called my name, and called it twice
while I was skeptical about my wife

I climbed the stool, to reach for the torch
she shouted this time and startled me to fall
my heart was pounding, causing nervous breakdown
when again she shouted, to confirm her power

I again went on, to search for the torch,
when she said 'almost', which I took it for 'ghost'...!!
my stimulus reacted, as fast as light
jumped on the table, which was out of my sight

the jump was enigmatic, but I didn't stop
went directly, behind the refrigerator to hide, 
hitting its door, precipitating on the floor
when Edison's invention filled my room with photons,

but by the time, I was on the floor,
blood oozing out, from forehead and arm
while I was struggling, to stand tall
fortunately got the chair to sit upon,

this was indeed the breathtaking dawn,
fainted after sitting down, feeling the pain 
like stabbing right in the heart, and found myself
with stitches on head, and plasters on arms
surrounded by pillows, while my wife still laughs...!!

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The Game

This is insane, this is The Game
I want to play, but no Life remains
went to you, to ask for one, 
while you were curious, for another turn

No tears, No regrets, No cries remains, 
Neither the spirit, nor the strength to gain
losing the simplest Game I played
while watching the stunning beauty, sitting next to my place

The things I always wanted to ask,
has lost its value, in this weird war
the war between my head and heart
making me loose on every part ....!!