Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Cute Smile

I was looking for better thoughts
the one which can get me, some awards
I searched on Google, then on some blogs
found a lot, with the disclaimer ON

those illegal stuffs are too risky, I thought
then started reading my blog, from Start
thou I find it a bit irritating,
but was excited, when my grammar was wrong

I was so busy, searching stupid mistakes,
that I forgot, about the angel I have
this was so bad, I still regret
without thinking twice, I went ahead

I knocked on the door, of this heavenly divine
where the "Do not disturb..!!" was hanging outside
I pushed it hard, and went inside
where my daughter was sitting, bright and shine

she saw me staring, standing at the door
asked me to close and join her on the floor,
she was happy playing with the dolls,
while I kept staring the adolescent in her

she asked me twice, to play with her
while I was busy, admiring her
admiring the beauty, the cute smile
and wishing to be always, with her,
for this and the next lifetime...!!

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5 Special Gifts

The future lies in the hand of the survivor

I know I made it up, or I don't know the prior existence of this quote, and if you ask me, its a perfect saying, because Have you ever heard a story of a defeated personality ?

The story to tell and the story to create is all everyone is interested into. When we talk about things to be taken care of, the first thing to be sure of, is The Future. And when I talk about future, I bet about 90% of the readers must have thought of their account balance for their children education, providing their child a life with all facilities, a decent marriage ceremony so that Mr.Bhalla, Mr.Gupta, Mr.Shah etc etc should remember it.

Well the beauty and the excitement of life is, Future, always brand new. You never know, what will happen.

Desire is, what I say, never ends. When I compared my life with what I have been through, and what I have accomplished, I decided on every terms of life that, my kids should not face the same situations, and how he/she will handle it, is in his/her hands, but as a father, I will always have a plan B for him/her. You never know what might happen, what will go wrong. Its our job and our duty, to teach our kids what is wrong and how it is wrong. Well, I believe in "try and learn" concept, because when you have never felt it, you have never tried it.

When it come to my kids, I will always have a plan B.
My Plan B will include (on priority basis):

1. A hefty saving amount, so that if I am not there with them, they should not suffer. That saving amount, might be in terms of insurance money, some fixed deposit accounts, or a recurring one. It might be even my wife jeweleries.

If you fear of living alone in a big house, I bet you will have the same fear and pain, when you live with a big family who has no one to take care of, and as savings, there is nothing expect some debts to be paid.

2. A piece of land in Bangalore ( specifically, I would say a flat or two): There was days when we(me and my friends) where shivering in the cold winter days, and the leaking ceiling, which was just adding more pain to the sufferings. And when I think of all these, one thing that always come straight in my mind is to have a proper shelter, where there is no one to say anything, or to question you. My family is from a small town, where opportunities are rare and for me to carry on with my career I have chosen, and to deny the possibilities of changing it, I have to come to Bangalore, the city of hopes, opportunities, facilities.

If you deny on this thought, then I bet you should take a room for rent in Bangalore, and pay the "not so" feasible yet hefty security deposit and then the over priced rents for each month.

3. College to attend: I was never very keen about the university I am in, but the kind of attention you get, when you are in such esteemed colleges, your life becomes so easy that sometimes you just sit, and always think of being there, in your dream place. I also accept that it doesn't matter where you are from, when you have the ability, but I also think that what if you have the skills and ability, and on top of that you are getting the best environment and your own choice to choose whatever career you want.

I bet many will deny on this, but the hardship you have to face, when companies just rejects your application just by judging you on the face of which college you are from, is heart-breaking and painful. And of course No, I will never be the one to let my kids face the same situation.

4. Books: I will surely ask my kids to read Krishna's advice to Arjun, the preachings, the Ramayana, the eternal love stories, the autobiographies, the sci-fi stories and imagine, how words could be the weapon, and blessing too. Well that purely depends on my kid interest, but I will surely ask him to read certain books of my interest, that how beautiful our literature is. You learn so many things from events that never occurred to you, and might be, it never will. These books are so precious that they sometimes, just ask you to be what you are.

5. Lots of Stories: Everyone has their moments of fame and shame. I too have and will definitely be telling my kids about how innocent a story can be to how much you can learn from them.

Or I will just say, how beautiful your parent's memories were, which was multiplied several times after your presence.

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Stupid Dream

I caught him looking at me,
asking questions, with no words in it
grinning as if the feast, I cud be
got up from chair, and rushed to me

I was startled, jumped off my seat
went to exit, to clear the mist
but the guy was following, I never believed
took all wrong turns, ended up in a blocked street

the story became more obvious for you,
but I have to add some twist in it,

I was shocked, terrified by him,
was lurking for one door, so that I cud flee
the pounding heart, the pumping blood
made me more red, than I ever was

he came running, and asked for my phone
and I should tell you, I bought an iphone
I was confused, was wondering where is the gun
but I couldn't find the phone, in any pocket I look

I couldn't think, where I had dropped
because the man standing in front of me
was delighted with his grinn
handed me my expensive phone I want,

to my disbelief, I snapped it from him
saw his uneasy looks and fled from it
thou his genrosity, makes me think
was I the victim, or is it the stupid dream ?

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