Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Stupid Dream

I caught him looking at me,
asking questions, with no words in it
grinning as if the feast, I cud be
got up from chair, and rushed to me

I was startled, jumped off my seat
went to exit, to clear the mist
but the guy was following, I never believed
took all wrong turns, ended up in a blocked street

the story became more obvious for you,
but I have to add some twist in it,

I was shocked, terrified by him,
was lurking for one door, so that I cud flee
the pounding heart, the pumping blood
made me more red, than I ever was

he came running, and asked for my phone
and I should tell you, I bought an iphone
I was confused, was wondering where is the gun
but I couldn't find the phone, in any pocket I look

I couldn't think, where I had dropped
because the man standing in front of me
was delighted with his grinn
handed me my expensive phone I want,

to my disbelief, I snapped it from him
saw his uneasy looks and fled from it
thou his genrosity, makes me think
was I the victim, or is it the stupid dream ?

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