Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hello JI..!!

"Hello Ji, keda haal chal hega?"
she replied a bit late, with a pleasant "Hello !!"
and I burst her inbox, with thousand more questions
without waiting for her, to answer even one

this was funny, it was bluntly alright,
because she understand what so ever I type
when we used to chat all long, 
and clock used to interrupt with 5am alarm

those were the days, when we were friends,
talking all "nautankis", whatever we can
the Shipra's "honey chili potato", always tastes weird, 
but the time we spent is worthy to be shared

the college stories were never ending one,
I start one, and she add another to the fun
my gtalk was the best I own, 
I always find her "invisible" or gone ("away")

now I don't know, what went wrong,
she might kill me, after reading this blog
but atleast, I will get some time of her
that your friend is still waiting on the same gtalk...!!  ;-)