Sunday, 25 May 2014

One and Only Friend

its her glimpse or the way she talks
nods her head and says NO then she laughs
she is charming, never tells me a thing
then blames me that I might distract with her ping !!

she keeps a diary, fills it with blahh..
never spoke a thing, about her mysterious heart
she keeps on fighting, stand firm in this world
and then kick me hard, on which I have to laugh !!

she is generous, she bites only the nails,
she is hilarious, she laughs only at my mistakes,
she is multitasking, but she never claims
when I tell her these, her smiles fades away !!

I see in her eyes, which emotions she kept
its tears to come, or the sparkling fame
her cheeks becomes red, whatsoever the case
and nose is big, of which she regrets !!

she wanted to travel, see every place,
she wanted to do it, alone by herself
and if I assist, she smile and will say,
"I am a big girl, no need to stay !!"

And one day, she walks with her man,
hold his hands, and sneak at my face
smiles with tears, when I am standing in her way
praying for her wedding car, to just stay !!

tell her how beautiful she looks in that dress,
but now its time, when you should hold someone's hand
walk past me, without tears and blames
so I can say, my sister is, my one and only friend...!!

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