Saturday, 21 June 2014

Midnight Ride to Nandi Hills

The night of surprise, the innovative minds
crazy people, and their way of delight
which decide to coincide, at a point,
start the journey, which indeed was so fine

This way we started, at night with lights
some were blinking, some straight into eyes
but firmness in heart, to accomplish that flight
to conquer Sultan's fort, without any fight

this ride we started, was full of sights,
people around were wondering why, some waving “Hi !”
it includes all, fun and pain, which started from legs
pumped from hearts, staright to the brains

the climbing was even more terrific, I was lying down,
while some were fighting, shouting in pain,
encouraging the mass, to follow with smile
and mending every flat, whichever we faced

the last 2kms, was literally tough task
but we determined, to complete it and stop
when it was hard to pedal, you see the mountain top
an energy vibe, was filling within to finish this task

Thou, we accomplished the 60km ride
still a lot was left, of which riding downhill comes as easy part,
tackling the traffic was not to ask
and crowd supporting, made us not to stop

Then, the wind, the scorching Sun,
made us to stop, made us to drink lot of electrol
finding the correct way, fighting with wind,
stopping in every shade, was really a tough one

this return journey was tiresome, asking us to just Halt
while we look at each others face, and decided to go on
which left us with our wonderful first ride
concluding 150kms at stretch in 19 hours.

Kudos Guys..:)
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