Sunday, 17 May 2015

When Things Can Go

Nowadays its, more of a rush,
reaching the office with empty mind,
then changing the seats and following the sites
keeping the calm, I listen to advice

Now do I say, that I have to fight ?
keeping the spirit, I have to dive ?
regardless of feelings, and expectation I demand
Calling myself, alone in the hall

I know you will ignore, my blunt try
it was always vague and never defined
the profound memories, the sarcastic smile
which will stay with me, all my life 

Series of happenings, "series" I say
the insanity in me, is better than the sane
I have my rights, I have my words
whatever that I follow, is not always absurd

You call me with names, whatsoever you want
I stand before you, because my desires are more
and will be there, when your words grow sour
and finds a threshold, where things can Go.