Sunday, 28 February 2016

Happydent White

I feel the surge, to follow the sight
I consider myself on an upward tide
thou things are, the way it was,
but the smiling vampire, is enlightening the path

I push myself, to commit no faults,
I argue myself, about every single thought,
but things go wrong, and she tear them apart
with her smiles and the cutest nod

she asked me to write, whatever is on my mind,
and I am blank, about what should rhyme
the trees, the birds, or the sun so bright
or will it be again, about Miss Happydent White !!

Monday, 22 February 2016

The Beginning

The smiling Sunday, The morning star
shines so bright, it enlightened the path
no traffic to tackle, no one to quarrel
I was on my bike, and its roaring aloud

this day was sunny, I never deny
the sun was burning, with all its might
and the butterflies inside, was flying right
no turns were wrong, all straight to Divine.

there's one thing I noticed, I kept my calm
waited for it, to show its charm
all flies settled, they found a spot
and I was watching, its charismatic form

thou words won't describe, what I felt
whether to follow, or to watch till the end
when the wind will blow, violins will play
and I will be singing, in some insane way

Well, the stupidity didn't crossover, the sanity in me
and took a step forward, to 'The Beginning' they say
and laughed and smiled, for the entire day
trying to get the glimpse, in every possible way... :) :)