Monday, 22 February 2016

The Beginning

The smiling Sunday, The morning star
shines so bright, it enlightened the path
no traffic to tackle, no one to quarrel
I was on my bike, and its roaring aloud

this day was sunny, I never deny
the sun was burning, with all its might
and the butterflies inside, was flying right
no turns were wrong, all straight to Divine.

there's one thing I noticed, I kept my calm
waited for it, to show its charm
all flies settled, they found a spot
and I was watching, its charismatic form

thou words won't describe, what I felt
whether to follow, or to watch till the end
when the wind will blow, violins will play
and I will be singing, in some insane way

Well, the stupidity didn't crossover, the sanity in me
and took a step forward, to 'The Beginning' they say
and laughed and smiled, for the entire day
trying to get the glimpse, in every possible way... :) :)