Sunday, 28 February 2016

Happydent White

I feel the surge, to follow the sight
I consider myself on an upward tide
thou things are, the way it was,
but the smiling vampire, is enlightening the path

I push myself, to commit no faults,
I argue myself, about every single thought,
but things go wrong, and she tear them apart
with her smiles and the cutest nod

she asked me to write, whatever is on my mind,
and I am blank, about what should rhyme
the trees, the birds, or the sun so bright
or will it be again, about Miss Happydent White !!

Monday, 22 February 2016

The Beginning

The smiling Sunday, The morning star
shines so bright, it enlightened the path
no traffic to tackle, no one to quarrel
I was on my bike, and its roaring aloud

this day was sunny, I never deny
the sun was burning, with all its might
and the butterflies inside, was flying right
no turns were wrong, all straight to Divine.

there's one thing I noticed, I kept my calm
waited for it, to show its charm
all flies settled, they found a spot
and I was watching, its charismatic form

thou words won't describe, what I felt
whether to follow, or to watch till the end
when the wind will blow, violins will play
and I will be singing, in some insane way

Well, the stupidity didn't crossover, the sanity in me
and took a step forward, to 'The Beginning' they say
and laughed and smiled, for the entire day
trying to get the glimpse, in every possible way... :) :)

Friday, 18 September 2015


mind play games, and I am in it
the way it change, I have to assist
these cruncy thoughts, is to make noise
but what's in my mind, is not to be defined

its all in here, safe and secure
what is this thing, is now known no more
the kinda of deeds, follow me now
but in this Game, I am, just a pawn

though I have, to write so much, 
what's in this mind, I have to tell it first, 
break the silence of my thoughts, cross the boundary I had never thought 
and start this Game again, whenever it goes wrong !!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

When Things Can Go

Nowadays its, more of a rush,
reaching the office with empty mind,
then changing the seats and following the sites
keeping the calm, I listen to advice

Now do I say, that I have to fight ?
keeping the spirit, I have to dive ?
regardless of feelings, and expectation I demand
Calling myself, alone in the hall

I know you will ignore, my blunt try
it was always vague and never defined
the profound memories, the sarcastic smile
which will stay with me, all my life 

Series of happenings, "series" I say
the insanity in me, is better than the sane
I have my rights, I have my words
whatever that I follow, is not always absurd

You call me with names, whatsoever you want
I stand before you, because my desires are more
and will be there, when your words grow sour
and finds a threshold, where things can Go.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Miles to go, before I sleep !!

nowhere to go, that's what I presume
nothing to do, with requirements at its peak
no one to meet, or cherish these dreams
because miles to go, before I sleep,
And miles to go, before I sleep !!

the presumption of having, everything you need
the logical mind, which acts weird at times
always ask me to stop, and then rewind
because miles to go, before I sleep
And miles to go, before I sleep !!

this road called Life, with turns and twists
have obstacles but a lot of memories to create
when you move on, to be in this empty space
but moving on is the only thing left
because miles to go, before I sleep
And miles to go, before I sleep !!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Midnight Ride to Nandi Hills

The night of surprise, the innovative minds
crazy people, and their way of delight
which decide to coincide, at a point,
start the journey, which indeed was so fine

This way we started, at night with lights
some were blinking, some straight into eyes
but firmness in heart, to accomplish that flight
to conquer Sultan's fort, without any fight

this ride we started, was full of sights,
people around were wondering why, some waving “Hi !”
it includes all, fun and pain, which started from legs
pumped from hearts, staright to the brains

the climbing was even more terrific, I was lying down,
while some were fighting, shouting in pain,
encouraging the mass, to follow with smile
and mending every flat, whichever we faced

the last 2kms, was literally tough task
but we determined, to complete it and stop
when it was hard to pedal, you see the mountain top
an energy vibe, was filling within to finish this task

Thou, we accomplished the 60km ride
still a lot was left, of which riding downhill comes as easy part,
tackling the traffic was not to ask
and crowd supporting, made us not to stop

Then, the wind, the scorching Sun,
made us to stop, made us to drink lot of electrol
finding the correct way, fighting with wind,
stopping in every shade, was really a tough one

this return journey was tiresome, asking us to just Halt
while we look at each others face, and decided to go on
which left us with our wonderful first ride
concluding 150kms at stretch in 19 hours.

Kudos Guys..:)
This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and

Sunday, 25 May 2014

One and Only Friend

its her glimpse or the way she talks
nods her head and says NO then she laughs
she is charming, never tells me a thing
then blames me that I might distract with her ping !!

she keeps a diary, fills it with blahh..
never spoke a thing, about her mysterious heart
she keeps on fighting, stand firm in this world
and then kick me hard, on which I have to laugh !!

she is generous, she bites only the nails,
she is hilarious, she laughs only at my mistakes,
she is multitasking, but she never claims
when I tell her these, her smiles fades away !!

I see in her eyes, which emotions she kept
its tears to come, or the sparkling fame
her cheeks becomes red, whatsoever the case
and nose is big, of which she regrets !!

she wanted to travel, see every place,
she wanted to do it, alone by herself
and if I assist, she smile and will say,
"I am a big girl, no need to stay !!"

And one day, she walks with her man,
hold his hands, and sneak at my face
smiles with tears, when I am standing in her way
praying for her wedding car, to just stay !!

tell her how beautiful she looks in that dress,
but now its time, when you should hold someone's hand
walk past me, without tears and blames
so I can say, my sister is, my one and only friend...!!

Happydent White

I feel the surge, to follow the sight I consider myself on an upward tide thou things are, the way it was, but the smiling vampire...